Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Thursday, 16 June 2016


Well, apparently I am running late again....seems to be the week for it...

Actually I am kind of a morning person...but for your sakes I thought I'd get the silly cat pic out of the way early...lucky you, eh.  Actually, you are double lucky cuz today's post is rather short...

Or maybe I am just tired from CoachRobs regimen for me this week...some ridiculous interval training...(yeah...I didn't fire him after he lapped me at last weeks race).  Either he is pissed at me for the threat, or he is hoping I perform better with what is coming up...

So...what is coming up this weekend in MTB?


The Humbler...the 3rd race in the XC Marathon Cup series will be held in Northumberland County near Cobourg, Ontario this Saturday the 18th.  Promoted by Substance Projects...who always provide an excellent event; always a fun party atmosphere....and great trails!!  This is coming up if you haven't registered yet...get on it, you are running out of time!  Check it out here!

I actually hold the leader's jersey for the 50+ male category in this series....yeah, not sure how that happened either!  I figure somebody miscounted or something...multiple mechanicals in the previous races maybe.  Anyways, it will be up for grabs....I will not be on hand to defend it.

Instead, I will be attending a charitable MTB event, sponsored by the lung association.  As lung disease/lung cancer has tragically touched my family on a number of occasions...I see this as an opportunity to use my passion for MTB to give back in some small manner.

You can get more info on this event here.  I have also convinced Blaze to use this event as an opportunity to ease back into the MTB race scene after his near-disabling crash of ' I am dragging him out to attend with me.  Will report on Tuesday how it all goes.

Further on Blaze....he had these made!

Stickers!!  Yeah...childish, I know....but I'm like that.  In fact, Lois came home the other day to catch me making a fort with the cats, out of the sofa cushions, and blankets.  She said, "Quit being so childish!"  I said, "F' you!  You didn't say the password!!"  Yeah, I slept in the camper that night...

Anyways...if you want to be childish too, and want a sticker or two....let me know next time you see me.

And hey, did you know the LandHams are now famous!  They were mentioned in Dicky's blog this week (see it here), and as famous as Dicky is....that makes them famous

Speaking of famous....this is dskunk...local Ontario rider...

He is killin it in the Tour Divide!  This was earlier this week as he passed through was his birthday, even, I think!  So far he is averaging over 220kms per day!!  Unbelievable!!  You can follow his progress at trackleaders, here.

You can follow all of the Tour Divide racer's dots here.  There are a couple more Ontario riders duking it out...or there were...rumour is KenW had to pull out for medical reasons.

There is a facebook Tour Divide group page, if you would like to follow the action this way too.

If you are into the unsupported, ultra endurance cycling events...the Trans Am Bike Race is also on right now!  That dot watching is available here...and facebook group page.  There some interesting stories playing out in these two races.

Actually, I am being somewhat cajoled into doing the 2017 Tour Divide...and as it is on my bucket list...I am seriously considering...if the US will let a sketchy Metis lad into their country...

In the meantime...I am looking forward to the SummerSolstice 24 hour coming up soon (I guess this is what CoachRob is really kickin my arse to get ready for).  It is one of my major 'A' races of the season...and I have Blaze (apparently this post is all aBlaze...) and MattyTee manning my pit for me!  It is gonna be epic!!

In the meantime...the weather looks great for MTB this weekend!  Better than this anyways!

So...enough BS...let's get out there!

Stay posted!

This is for Fig...who is currently out for delicate medical reasons
...he is having a tough month!  If you see him, hive him a hug!

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