Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Through the Wind and Rain, A Brand New Perfume Blows…

Well we had quite the mix of weather this week; with the supershitestorm yesterday!!  All in all it made for quite the mix of riding this week.  Here is how it looked:

Wednesday:  Rain and wind today.  I have a trainer set up in my dungeon (basement)…as you saw in my last post.  The problem with the trainer is motivation…it can be tough to stay on it for more than 10 minutes and really push yourself.  I set up a system to watch movies and videos as a distraction to keep me on the trainer…and it worked…kept me on, but didn’t really make me push.  Then I discovered Sufferlandria, and the sufferfest videos…so I downloaded one and tried out the first on today.  In a word AWESOME!!  The one I tried was titled Local Hero.  It keeps you engaged, and pushes you to your limits.  It’s entertaining, and as much fun as you can have while being that close to puking.  Different videos work on different aspects of racing.  If you are using a trainer to help you be a better racer, I strongly suggest checking these out.

Thursday:  From wind and rain yesterday to mid 20s and sunny today!!  So I got the minimum I needed to get done for work as quick as possible…and got out on the Venge (the trails were too muddy).  I planned on doing a buttertart run to Moffat and back, but it was so dang nice out that once I got to Moffat I just kept going.  Ended up doing 83.6 kms at an average of 32.4 km/hr (it was a struggle to keep this pace as the return leg was a headwind, but I wanted to maintain over 32).  Can you tell where I ended up by these pics???

Friday:  Busy work and busy life has been keeping BicycleWorksJim off his bike (he hasn’t ridden for a week…and before that a week between rides), so he wanted to get a ride in Friday, after Thursday’s great weather.  However, a cold front was moving in by the afternoon (more cold and rain), and he had to open up the store for 10AM so we headed out by 8:45AM, again on the road bikes.  We managed 32.5 kms at an average speed of 30.6km/hr (Jim’s goal was to average over 30), which got us back to the store in time for Jim to open up by 10.

Saturday:  6 degrees and rainy, but I had committed to the Dundas Monstercross group ride (a mountain bike / cyclocross ride).  37 had signed up, and 19 hardy souls showed up to combat the weather.  The ride started from Café Domestique in Dundas and ended at GarageMonster and Nerdgirl’s house 2 hours later.  It was cold, and it was wet, but every time I looked around at the group everyone was smiling.  Good group, good fun, and ended with spicy pumpkin soup and homemade bean burritos for recovery (Thanks to GM and NG!!).

Sunday:  My deeply religious beliefs kept me off the bike on Sunday…oh no wait…I was hung over (just kidding, although NewfieSteve and Lisa, and Zach, came over and Steve drank 40creek until Lisa told him to stop).  Actually neither, it was the fact that my quads were stiff as boards and I needed a rest day.  I did hit the weights though, in an effort to keep the upper body toned.  Maybe I wouldn't offend any religions if I wore this kit for my next Sunday ride.

C,mon, you didn’t think I could go through an entire post with no juvenile content did you!!??  Could’a been a lot worse, but Lois hates when I post nude pics of myself (or of her!).  Speaking of nude, have you ever seen a shaved Alpaca??  The things you see on a country road ride!!
Anyways...back on topic.

Monday:  More wind and rain.  So another stab on the trainer.  Downloaded another sufferfest video…’A Very Dark Place’.  Again, awesome.  An intense training run of sprints, and 4 minute intervals.  53 minutes of pain, and progress (hopefully!!).
So that’s been it this week.  Since the race season ended, I have just been riding to ride, and training (sort of) without any specific goal in mind, or any structure…mainly to maintain.  And to burn off the calories ingested (I have really relaxed on this front too).  Many racers do not set the goals and structure until the new year to prepare for the upcoming season, however I prefer to have a goal, and something to work towards.  Will have to work on this.
Will keep you posted!



  1. Loved the post... you are a great writer! You are also a great inspiration to me... keep on biking Riot and Imma keep on reading :)


    1. Dang, Marge, that is very nice of you to say. Much appreciated!! I plan on keeping riding, and writing!! :)

  2. North-East of Arkell at the turn around point.

    1. Fig, you nailed it!! Next time we go by there, we have to get pics of us riding those things!