Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Monday, 15 October 2012

Race Season Review and A Few Questions Answered

Well so far this week I have managed to get in a few decent rides…mountain and road.  Other than solo rides; NewfieSteve and EnglishJim and I got up to the Hydrocut for a great mountain ride on Saturday before the rain hit.  Nothing drastic to report on this…just a good ride, then homemade chili (I do make the best chili!!), recovery ales (spouses invited) for an evening at the Riot’s!  I managed a great road ride to Moffat on Sunday…again before the rain hit.  Picked up butter tarts in Moffat for Lois and Mother.  J

Otherwise, as far as training goes I also managed to fit in a couple of good weight training sessions.  Training for what, you say?  The race season is over, you say.  Well I still need to get better at this game…I have riding friends I can’t keep up with.
As far as the 2012 race season review, I managed a couple of podium finishes, which was awesome!!
Me and NewfieSteve, Second Place Fall 8Hour
Otherwise I was consistently (but not always) in the top 10 finishers in my age category, which was within my original goals…so that is good.  Still, I always wish I could do better.   However, overall I am happy…it was a challenging season, with losing my bike and all, but it all turned out OK.  (Replacing my bike did cost more than I had hoped, but life happens…and we deal with it). 

  Is it wrong to put another pic of the new bike?
Also ended up buying a new road bike, which was not really planned…but it is a great training tool!!  And a reason to do road races in 2013??  There were no significant injuries, and I managed to get all the races I wanted in…and had a lot of fun doing it all…and stayed in shape.  So overall…great season.
So for now…try to maintain over the winter; get better for 2013.  Goal is to be a consistent podium contender in 2013.  A stretch?  Maybe, but that’s what makes it a challenge.  Also, as mentioned, I would like to try my hand at some road races in 2013.
So…onto a couple of questions I have been asked over the last week.
Number 1:  What is a Metis?
Somewhere in my intro, or one of my very first posts, I make mention that I am Metis.  If you are Canadian and you don’t know what that is…shame on you.  Really, turn in your citizenship…you probably don’t drink beer either.  Otherwise, a very brief history lesson;
The Métis are one of three groups, along with First Nations and Inuit peoples, recognised as Canada's aboriginal peoples in the Canadian Constitution.  The origin of the Metis goes back to the French voyageurs (explorers), who first came to the Canadian interior in the 1600’s.  Of course, these were all guys (as in males, dudes…).  Apparently they found the aboriginal women (Cree, Ojibway, and Saulteaux just to keep the history accurate here) attractive.  Who would have thought toned, tanned, women in loin cloths would be attractive?

Anyways the offspring of this comingling were not truly accepted by either original culture (European, or native), and a new culture was born of the mixed traditions, Cree and French language, and a way of life centred around the early Canadian fur trade.
What it's like to not fit in...
Of course there is more to this story than I can put here as the Metis fought for a place in this fine country.  In fact, the Riel Rebellion began on my ancestors land…The Battle of Tourond’s Coulee.  OK...enough of the history lesson, I assume you get the picture.  Next…
Number 2:  Why do you incorporate weight workouts into your training?
The general belief is that cyclists should not lift weights as part of their training.  The idea is to be as light as possible.  I do not subscribe to this theory (that means I don’t buy this shite).
First of all I am vane…I want to look a certain way.  And the truth is that Lois would prefer that I look like a man…not a 14 year old boy.  I don’t want to be huge…I just want to be fit.

This is not me…This may be just a little too big...
Besides...I have to keep Lois believing that I am a superhero...
Green Lantern?

Also, overall fitness is crucial.  An engine with huge pistons won’t work if the block is cracked and the chassis is weak.  A cyclist’s core has to be strong to facilitate power transfer, and the upper body has to be able to manoeuvre the bike, and endure the event as long as the legs do.  Yes, time on the bike is key, but overall fitness is necessary to make the riding time effective.
Finally Number 3:  What is My Fitness Pal?
I have mentioned this before; I use My Fitness Pal, a website to track calories in and calories burned.  It lets you know your net calories to meet your goals (to lose fat, to maintain, to gain muscle…whatever your goal).  Of course, there is more to nutrition than calories in/out and MFP helps with tracking macronutrients too.  Also, it has a social aspect…you can make friends, other users of the program, to help motivate you.  For example, my MFP friend coolcatrandy challenged me to a ride to burn at least 2000 calories yesterday.  It was wet, and windy out, and I may not have gone for it without this challenge; so thanks coolcat!!  Went to Moffat and back at an average of 31km/hr to burn over 2200 calories!
Anymore questions??
Keep ya posted!!

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