Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Tour de Whaaaat??

A mid-week post not reporting on a race??  What the hell??  Well actually, there is a bit of a note to make about a race or two.
First, my buddy Fig is a tad bit upset that I didn’t note his 5th place finish in the Fall Epic 8 hour race in my previous post.  So there it is now mentioned.  However, and more impressive, the Epic 8 hour race is actually a series of three races (A Spring, a Summer, and the Fall race).  Fig place 7th in the Spring race with 13 laps.  He did not participate in the Summer race (wimp!).  He placed 5th in the Fall race with 12 laps.  The series awards point for the racers placing in each race…and the overall series leader wins a jersey.  Fig came in first overall in the solo under age 39 category for the series!  Congratulations Fig!!  This is a post celebratory Fig.

OK…so now that that is out of the way…back to serious topics.
As far as training goes, so far this week I have managed two good weight workouts, a road ride, and a great mountain bike ride.  What made the mountain ride great is that it has been a personal goal of mine this year to clean one particularly nasty climb; today I beat that hill for the first time.  Yay.
Actually, I have been limiting my riding for a couple of reasons.  One; I don’t want to put too much wear on Richard’s (Oops, DickBall’s) bike, and second I am still on antibiotics (today is the last day of them!!) that are messing up my entire digestive system.  They leave me drained of energy, and feeling like a bloated roiling mess of nasty!!  This is me bloated.
Actually, that is a real pic of me from a few years ago.  When I saw that pic, I thought, “Holy shit man, you have turned into a fat bastard!”  That was when I decided it was time for me to get back into shape.

To keep the record straight and to provide balance to the world, this is a more recent pic of myself.

Since then, cycling has helped me to maintain, and stop that fat bastard from returning.
Speaking of pictures, I recently found this one on Lois’ camera. 

She swears it is me.  Guess she must have photo shopped out my tattoos??
(Haha…totally kidding on this!  Lois knows I am her only Superman!  Right??)  J
Anyways, back to riding and racing.  All of the training and recent condensed stretch of races is leaving me a little worn out.  I was considering calling it a season, and riding for fun the rest of the year.  However, NewfieSteve, EnglishJim, and Fig all convinced me to do one more…the Tour de King which is this Sunday.  It’s a relatively short 55km sprint, and the weather looks to be good (knock on Environment Canada wood), so it should all be good!  Planning an early ride tomorrow then will rest up in prep for Sunday.  Then I will have to give DickBall his bike back.  Again, many thanks Richard; hopefully my new bike will arrive within the next couple of weeks…although if it can’t climb that hill, I may have to keep yours!!
Review of the Tour de King, and other news next post!!

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