Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Oh, Think Twice… Another Week for you and me in Paradise

What’s with the title?  (I know it’s ‘day’ not ‘week’ but that just didn’t work)  Well my work is slow in the summer (will get very busy by end of October and into the spring), which gives me time to cycle; three races coming up in the next three weekends; I have a hot young wife (OK she’s is older than me but that’s still young right?...and by hot I mean hot…not menopausal…don’t get me in more trouble than I already just did).  Anyways…you got me off track right off the bat…yeesh!!

So…after the long weekend rides I took Tuesday off the bike in an attempt to let my injury heal up some.  Did get a weight workout in on Tuesday though…shoulders and arms.
Wednesday I was still without a Mountain Bike, so I got the Venge out for a solo road ride…80 minutes at 32 km/hr average.  Every time I get on the Venge I can’t believe how fast it is…and how much that makes a difference to making a road ride enjoyable!! 
Also got in a 60 minute weight workout…back and chest.  Also Wednesday had me meet my friend DickBall to borrow his mountain bike (many, many thanks again Mr.Ball !!  And hopefully your arm heals soon…but not until I can give your bike back.)  I took his bike directly to BicycleWorks to upgrade a few components…mainly the drive train, to get it to perform as closely to mine as possible (also my way to pay DickBall for the use of his bike).  It’s not an S-Works…but it’s the next best thing!
Thursday…another day off the bike to let the nagging injury heal (just not happening…).  Also the mountain bike was still being upgraded.  Did get in a leg workout though…more weights. 
Friday, I got to test out DickBalls revamped bike…my first time on a mountain bike in almost two weeks!!  And it was with the BicycleWorks guys…Paul, BicycleWorksJim (not EnglishJim, two different guys), and Rod.  These guys are so dang fast!!  I may come near to compete with them in endurance, but their skill on mountain bikes leaves me in the dust!!  And they did…and of course they always want to do the most challenging trails.  So while they played stop and wait on the Dump Run and Limeys (local trails), I played catch-up…however, it was a great way to get me used to DickBall’s bike.
I used Saturday as a rest/recovery day (injury still nagging…so is the wife but that’s expected; especially after this post intro).  Sunday, NewfieSteve, EnglishJim, and I headed out to Turkey Point for a two hour ten minute mountain bike ride.  Turkey Point trails are a ways away (hour and a half or more drive), but they are sand based and great for the conditions after a rainy Friday night/Saturday morning.  After the ride we stopped in Port Dover on the way home for the famous pan fried perch and chips at the Dover Hotel.  Great recovery meal (OK it tasted great…nutritionally I think the fries may have been suspect)!!
Monday would be my last day on the mountain bike before the Crank the Shield (three day stage race).  I did an hour and a half ride on our local trails…really the best trails around.  Our trails have it all…challenging climbs, steep descents (which are climbs in the opposite direction…of course), roots, rocks, singletrack, doubletrack…all of it(OK, no coed cheerleaders…yet).  We often travel to hit other trails for the variety, but the best in the province are in our back yard.
Tuesday was the BicycleWorks group road ride.  Another workout for the Venge…and likely my last ride before the Crank.  As I pull into the shop parking lot (where the ride starts from)…out walks Jordan, suited up and ready to ride.  Jordan is the fastest cyclist I know…road or mountain bike; he is a professional athlete (7 time Canadian Superbike champion), and uses cycling as part of his training.  So I knew that this would be a great training run for me, fighting to keep pace with Jordan.  And it was…with a couple of good climbs, 82 minutes at an average of 33.3 km/hr; and would have been longer if not for dusk setting in.  A great way to end the week of training before the Crank this Friday.
So there you have it…OK, maybe not paradise, but I had the song stuck in my head and had to use it.
 Will take the next two days off to rest (maybe fit in a little recovery ride Wednesday)…head up north Thursday…the Crank goes Friday to Sunday…will report in on that next post!!
Adios amigos!!  (Mexican metis????)


  1. So does your wife ride with you? Or does she not want to embarrass you so she goes alone and lets you think that you are fast ;)

    That road bike is AMAZING! I just spoke to our Specialized dealer about ordering an upgrade for next season and I have convinced my hubby to get one. He came for a run with me once this year and, even though he is in wicked shape... way better than me, I kicked his ass! Left him in the dust so he wants a good road bike to keep up:P

    Anyway, love your posts... keep blogging and riding and I'll keep reading!

    1. My wife is very supportive...but does not ride at all. That myth 'like riding a bike' is a myth after all. She used to ride a bike as a kid, but now she couldn't even make it down the block...she just can't keep it upright...beleive me I've tried to get her to re-learn...

      And yes, the Venge is amazing!!