Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Road Training Week,Apparently (Translation: “My Aaa Certs!!”)

With just finishing the 160 km Victoria’s 100 race (almost 12 hours straight on the bike), I was hurtin, so I took off Monday and Tuesday as recoup days.  By Wednesday my hands were still a little torn up, and I had a bit of a sore area near my left sit-down bone (yes that means arse).  However without a mountain bike until the 2013s are available (and I still had not got around to looking into borrowing/renting/buying an interim bike), that left the road bike.  Road bike = fantastic training opportunity…but was not going to be gentle to my injured areas.  So it went like this:

Wednesday – 65 km road ride with NewfieSteve at an average 30 km/hr.  Yes this was a buttertart run to Moffat…and Dar’s was open!!  So we enjoyed a tart mid-ride.
Thursday – 63 km road ride with Fig at an average of 32.2 km/hr, a great blast.  Then an hour of hockey…the last game of the summer season (championship final…unfortunately we lost).
My hands survived the rides fine and were well recovered…the other injury though was not faring so well.  So, took off Friday and Saturday to see if it would recover…and it began to, then…

The long weekend had me and EnglishJim join NewfieSteve and his family, and extended family, for a cottage stay near Severn Falls…and the road bikes joined us.  So…
Sunday – Centurion and Sciurus came up to join us for a road ride.  We rode as a full group for about 40 km until Centurion and I peeled off for a longer ride and Sciurus, NewfieSteve, and EnglishJim headed back for home (they ended up doing about 65 km).  Centurion and I went on a hill climbing run, (actually it ended up being a ‘who can make who puke first’ kind of ride); the ride totalling 110 km at an average of 31 km/hr.  It was an awesome ride…but my derriere was not happy!!  FYI…nobody puked.

Monday – EnglishJim, NewfieSteve, and I started the last day of our long weekend getaway with 67 km ride at an average of 32.2 km/hr.  Another great ride…an awesome end to a great week, however…
The injury – a raging, swollen mass in the nether regions is somewhat alarming…so off to the Dr to make sure it was not more than an overtraining inflammation…and happily, that is all it is (if I am to trust the doctors diagnosis)…so we will soldier on.
Other points of interest this week:

-  EnglishJim, not owning a roadbike borrowed my Roubaix (which is up for sale).  He did so well at the road rides, and is an obvious natural; he enjoyed it so much he decided to buy the Roubaix…a great bike off to a great new owner.

-  My very good friend DickBall (don’t ask), offered to let me borrow his mountain bike until my new one arrives.  Thank you Mr. Ball…I owe you!! 

I am one fortunate fellow to be blessed with so many great friends!!

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