Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Monday, 14 May 2012

The Weather, The Bike – And Alot About Something

Three days of rain cut into the saddle time this week, but was still able to manage a few good training rides, and a couple of fun rides.  Trouble is three days off the bike means a bit of weight gained.  With my educational background and my experience, I have a very good grasp of sport nutrition, but I don’t think I will ever understand how eating a few ounces of ‘bad’ food results in me gaining 5 pounds!  Then the effort required to burn it back off... 

Anyways, a few rides on the new bike have me starting to get used to the different feel and ride...which is all good.  The difference in weight and stiffness of the new beast may seem insignificant, but it makes for a completely different ride.  And a couple of longer races coming up in the next two weekends, make it important to get the feel right.
Also, got to ride trails I get to only once per year this weekend.  With Fig, Steve, and Brendan we hit a series of different trails in the vicinity of the town of Ayr.  Some swoopy singletrack, some road hammers in between, some steep punchy technical climbs, and several steep, sketchy, very technical descents.  In fact, Fig took a nasty header slipping on a wet root on a very steep downhill.  It was all good though, he is young, in shape, and an expert gymnast so he managed to roll out his landing, albeit over several rocks that should leave some good bruising.  Not sure why (OK I know why), but it’s always a little funnier when someone else crashes.
Hopefully, can get some good rides in early this week, then taper off towards the end of the week for the first Marathon race in Ganaraska on Sunday.  Anyways, the wife is yelling at me about something...something about the stove on fire...guess I should put down my 40 Creek and go check it out.
Stay tuned...


  1. Good luck with the race this weekend!! See I even read your blog when vacationing in sunny Arizona!! By the way, nice ride!

  2. Thank you! Now if you would bring some of that Arizona weather up here!!