Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Challenges (Other than Drugs, Women, and Rock n Roll)

The weather this week was cool and damp, which made the trails unrideable for a couple of days, and muddy otherwise.  Still managed to get in about 11 hours of riding this week though.  Need to get hours on the new bike, it rides so much different than the old one; which I am surprised at given how similar they are.

Also need to work more, to make money to pay for the new ride.  Makes for a bit of a conundrum eh?  (If you are impressed with my use of the word ‘conundrum’ just only gets better!)  If only we got paid to ride...but then I guess our last name would be McGrath, Fisher, or at least Jameson (Jenna?).
The other challenge for me lately is the Stanley Cup playoffs!  Sitting on the couch watching hockey each night, brings an undeniable urge to reach for something to nibble on, or drink...or both.  However, I am managing to keep my weight around 190lbs; but still want to get leaner.
As far as the title of this post goes, it’s all for show.  Unfortunately for you, I am rather boring and I don’t struggle with drugs, women, or rock n roll; unless you count the occasional struggle with my spouse.  However those are usually staged, and include Superman and Wonder Woman outfits.
Too much info?  OK, I best go then, before I get into trouble.  Besides I am off for a short solo road ride, then a long group MTB ride to get my Sunday going.  Two more weeks to train before the next race!!

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