Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Pre-Race (Mountain Bike Race, not Métis Race) Report

Well didn’t really plan on a pre-race post but some friends who actually read this thing demanded it.  Why don’t they become ‘Followers’, you ask?  Excellent question!  Why don’t they become ‘Followers’!?  Don’t they know that I could get that $50,000,000 dollar sponsorship from Specialized, Google, Disney, and Viagara if I had six Followers instead of two??  And, of course, I would split it with them.

Anyways, as far as MTB rides go this week, Sunday to Wednesday each had a fast, intense, physically demanding ride; so Thursday was a gentler, relaxing, recovery type of ride.  No ride yesterday, and today we (NewfieSteve, EnglishJim) are heading up to Ganaraska to set up camp for the race tomorrow.  We are camping for the long weekend and doing the race).   A couple of other buddies (Fig and Centurion) are driving up tomorrow for the race.  (What’s with the weird names?  Well this is a public forum, and apparently my ‘friends’ don’t really appreciate being openly associated with me, given my history in the film industry.  Just kidding...seriously.  Sorry, Heidi.)

This week was a very busy work week for me.  I also ended up a bachelor for a couple of days.  My LCW, Heidi, went to Kingston to attend to our son’s grad from Royal Military College, while I stayed home to attend to another son who had a severely infected foot (yeah I know, weird), and may have required a rush to the doc or emerge at any moment.  Anyhow, all is good; Heidi is back, son is recovering, and I am actually looking to this race as an opportunity to relax mentally (OK, insert your own joke about my mental capacity here).

Next week is also busy work-wise, and will require prep for the Spring 8hr Epic Race next weekend!!  For now, though, the focus is on this weekend’s race.  I will let you know how it goes!!

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