Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Friday, 18 January 2019

Albion Fatbike Fest Weekend

So....following up on last post...I plan on getting back into racing for 2019.  I am currently woefully out of the plan is to get into shape.  To get my 215 lbs arse (as at January 2nd)...down to race weight (180lbs...or less!!), and to get my cardio fitness back into racing condition.

So I knew that this was happening on January 12th.  The Albion Fatbike Festival...which was the 2nd race in DanM's Substance Projects' Ontario Fatbike Race Series.  

Sean of SuperflyRacing, used to promote this event.  However, he is focusing on working on the Crank The Shield multi-stage MTB race taking place later this year (a great topic for a future blog post!).  So Dan has taken over the Albion FatFest. I mentioned...I am woefully out of race the race was only 20km long (two 10km laps).  Short sprinty races are not my forte, (that means I really suck at them!).  I really prefer the longer endurance least 75kms...or at least 6 hours. 

However, Dan's races are awesome.  Always fun, yet very challenging courses; and always a fun, relaxed vibe.  Plus, great people attend Dan's races...some of the fastest folks around...yet fun people to hang out with, people who love to ride and it shows.  

JackP one of the fastest cats on 2 wheels in these parts

The race also had a non-race polker run option, which required costumes...

Sean, Jenn, Raf???

So, yeah, you see the fun component here...

So when these fine folks made an effort to convince me to sign up...

Mark 'n' Jenn

I did.  I hit that switch...

I absolutely love my single speed into the Single Speed category I entered...(sorry about the Yoda speak...).  I had no illusions of plan was to just have fun, enjoy the ride...and to ride safe and stay upright.  Having just recovered (still recovering) from a significant injury, this wasn't a race to be taking any chances in.  The word was that the course was icy (it was cold!!) it was fortunate that I had just installed my studded fat tires.

And as I ambled into the start gate...I noticed JackB on his single speed...and CarlN on his...two superfast folks.  Superfast Sarah was riding a geared Fatbike, and superfast AdamF wasn't racing (he had entered the non-race poker run option).  I tried to talk TeamColin into racing single speed earlier in the week...but he came out on a geared bike. was just going to be a cold, but enjoyable ride.

So off we went...and yes it was icy.  It really wasn't a typical Dan race was relatively flat, only 130ish metres of elevation over the 10km loop.  Mostly doubletrack...with only the occasional newly created single track meant to circumnavigate dangerously icy double track descents.  It really was a very single speed friendly course.  Despite the departure from a typical Dan course, it was still huge fun.  It was a rather casual start...somewhere a little farther back in the start corral, behind the mayhem that always happens near the front.  In fact, started the race chatting with TimTheDukeM, and TeamColin.  Then the trail opened up, but there were several obvious, multiple signs of wipeouts on the icy course, usually on a fast corner or off camber section...and I was witness to a couple of wipeouts of riders near me (and checking to make sure they were ok), had me focusing on riding within my limits, even with studs, and maintaining my primary goal of safely finishing the two 10km loops.

It was great to see ApexTed and his crew (Neil I) out there on the trails capturing all the cool pics!

 Sarah fast he got two pics!

And finish I did (damn Yoda)...safely and upright for the entire just over an hour...and great fun had along the way!

Then it was time for the typical SubstanceProjects after party, with great food and sponsor supplied beverages...and mostly the camaraderie of fellow riders.

Sarah celebrating her podium finish...chasing KS

Seth...celebrating his win...and the treasure supplied by Caledon Hills Brewing

If you missed this one you missed a good one.  In case you haven't noticed all of Dan's races are good ones.Make sure you catch the next race in Dan's Fatbike Race Series on January 26th in Parry Sound.  The word is that there is a ton of base snow on groomed trails there!  Perfect fatbike conditions!!  Will we see you there?  Check it out at

Also coming up soon, if you want another Fatbike challenge, or rather ultra-challenge, as I mentioned in my previous post, there is the Wendigo coming in February.  Check it out at    I will provide more details on this in my next post.

Time for gratuitous cat pic??


No?  OK, sorry...let's carry on then...

As for me...recovering from injury, trying to get back into race mode/race shape.  As I mentioned earlier on Jan 2nd I weighed in at 215 hefty lbs.  This week I am down to 210...only 5 measly lbs but that was basically the result of cutting out real change to nutrition.  The next step will be to implement a nutrition plan that will have me cut weight with minimal catabolism (loss of muscle).

Other than that I also need to work on increasing and maintaining my top end speed/power.  I have worked heavily on base...but my top end is weak.  So I need drills that will work on this area.  If you have any good ones feel free to share with me.  (Outdoor though, please.  I have a trainer, but I really despise having to use it.  I ride to be outside...).

So there you have it...another successful Dan event...and another coming up soon.  There are many winter riding/racing options this season!!  Let's see you out there!!

Stay posted!!

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