Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Fall Epic 8 Hour MTB Race 2017 - The Review Preview

So...last week upon much consideration...regarding the state of my thumb...and my fitness, having not really trained for the previous 10 weeks while the thumb was healing...I registered one day before the deadline for the Fall Epic 8, sponsored by Pulse Racing, taking place at Hardwood Ski & Bike just north of Barrie.  I was in...Solo Single Speed...

This was Tuesday...NewfieSteve had Wednesday off...and suggested we go to Hardwood; a chance to preride the course, and of course hit some of the other trails Hardwood offers up.  So, Wednesday, off we went...

Photo Cred: Selfie (that means me...)

So, after riding a couple of laps of the course (and a couple more hours of the variety of trails Hardwood provides), I learnded a couple of things (proper grammar was not one of them).

Photo Cred: ApexRacePhotography

I am not in race shape (as the 10-ish extra pounds I am carrying around would attest to) so I wouldn't be a contender (I am not Rocky), but I could carry a modestly decent pace...enough to push myself for 8 hours of fun/torture on race day.

Photo Cred: ApexRacePhotography

The course was fun!  (Although they did not include the little rock jump that lead into the Joy Ride section that helped weed the mtb-ers from the roadies...).  My current 32x19 gearing was perfect...for 5 or 8 the later laps I think it would have been too much.  There were a couple of hills (the one after the solo pits...and one longer double track climb mid-lap) that were just enough that at 32x19 would leave me dragged out for the rest of the course...especially later in the race.  So, I would play it safe and go with 32x20 for the race.

And tailgating post ride is always a good idea...

Anyways....on Tuesday last week....this was the confirmation list...

By race day there would be 5 more...including some of  stiffest competition around...(that means all fast guys!). plan was just to go ride my ride.  Enjoy 8 hours riding my mountain a Saharan style heat a venue with the word 'Hills' in its name...

The end...

Ya, sorry....a two parter.  The meat will come...tomorrow??  Ah, one day soon...very soon.

Stay posted!!

(It's cat thinks I'm an idiot too...)

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