Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Fall Epic 8 - Here we come! locked in...

Exactly, the Fall Epic 8 Hours at Hardwood Hills presented by Pulse Racing.  In, for better or worse.

This is my first race since breaking my thumb.  The thumb will be heavily taped; the bone is healed but the ligament needs surgical repair.  I have been riding, but not really it will be interesting to see how this goes.

Headed to Hardwood yesterday with NewfieSteve, to check out the course...

It's basically a series on long, steady, grindy climbs...whether twisty single track, or wide open double track.  I guess it's called Hardwood Hills for a reason.  A taller gear will be fine for the first few laps or so...but I think will be too much for this old cat as the day wears   It's always a challenge to know what the 'right' gearing I said to NewfieSteve, "There's never a right gear."  Anyways, we are going to make this Epic 8 epic!!  (Can I say 'epic' enough in one post???)

There's a few roots, some tight corners, and a couple of obstacles but nothing too overly it should just be a fun ride!  An opportunity to watch all of my friends pass me for 8 hours!  And, going to share my pit with TeamColin as he kills his first Solo 8 Hour.  It really is going to be Epic!!

Anyways, the recon mission went well.  No crashes, the thumb survived...and Steve provided some epic tailgate recovery!

I know...two pics of the recovery...
but that's the best part!

So, anyways, here we go!
Just a short post to warn you...and prepare for next weeks post(s).  They gotta be epic report(s), to properly review this race!!

Stay posted!

Hey...didn't say 'epic' this time!!  D'oh!!!

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