Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Eager Beaver to Leadville - Mountain Bikes and Gravel Grinders - 100 milers Galore!!

SubstanceProject's Eager Beaver 2.0...another successful venture by DanOfSubstance, race progenitor extraordinaire, invaded the Singhampton area this past weekend.  The 100 mile (160 km) race (Dan also offered 100km and 50km distances) had over 200 racers navigate a mix of surfaces, but mostly some of the gnarliest gravel roads and 'paths' around.  And just a little climbing...somewhere around 1900 metres on the 100 miler...with almost all of that climbing within the first 80 kms!!

Gnarly gravel, and nasty ups...and downs!!

At least this year the racers enjoyed much better weather conditions than 2016...2016 was the deluge from .... from (where do deluges come from???)....somewhere.  No matter...100 miles of loose, rutted gravel with 1900m of climbing is extraordinarily, ridiculously tough in any conditions. That 1900m including the now infamous 4 stage MurderHorn climb.  It's not in Dan's blood to make an easy race.  Besides, if it was easy no self respecting mountain biker would do it.

True Gritters Seth and Giant killed it!!

Sorry...had to get the True Gritters in there...although they pushed LapDogs IanP and Jouko to podium greatness...

Speaking of podiums...

Kudos to all podium finishers.

160km podiums photo bomb by Bruno the wonderdog!!

Special kudos to anyone attacking the full 160kms.

Special kudos to all who signed up for fatbike at any of the distances.

Special kudos to all who signed up for singlespeed at any of the distances.

Superdy Duperty Special kudos to all who signed up for fatbike, or singlespeed for the 160!  I believe there were a sum total of 4 registrants into each of those categories.  That is a special kinda crazy!!  And an inspiration for a goal to shoot for!!

And it has to be said...again and again;  such a special atmosphere at every one of Dan's races!!  Although every one is some kind of insanely, nasty know it is a true achievement just to finish his is such a fun, fun, fun, family type of party environment.  And so well well marked...and enough cannot be said of the volunteers manning the aid stations...totally top notch!!

The combination of extreme challenge and fun keeps you coming back...and attracting more racers!!

Sadly I was not able to participate.  I was so hoping to...but the broken bones only 4 weeks into recovery and not yet ready for the extremes of this race.  Age and inverse relationship...dammit.

However...TeamColin did attack the 100km version of the race, and his review is here at his TeamColinBlog.

And SteveS was one of the crazies on a fatbike, and he TKO'd the 50km version, and you can check out his review here on his RideCycleSpin blog.

I did race the full 160 km last year.  If you like to rehash old shite (or if you want to subject yourself to two of my posts in one day...cuz you are tough like that...or need to pay penance cuz your karma needs balancing...or....anyways...) you can check out my review of the 2016 race here.

Ok...slight gear shift...


Woah!!  OK, OK....not that big of a gear shift!!

Another race, almost as iconic and well attended as the Eager Beaver happened this weekend.  Leadville 100.  Actually one of the most famous, and toughest 100 mile races on the planet!

Two years ago (2015)...a crew of our 'local' Lapdogs went forth to conquer the race...

...and brought finisher buckles home.

This year two of Ontario's Wolf Pack Racing members followed that lead, qualified for Leadville...dedicated their year...and trained their asses off (almost literally!!).  If you followed them at all, they got noticeably stupid fast throughout the year!

TheGreatCanadianSagle and PauliPaul, set a goal knowing that this could be the race experience of a lifetime...and they totally crushed it!!  Sagle conquered the gruelling 100 miles in 8 hours 43 minutes!!  Pauli smashed it finishing in the top 100 in 8:33!!!

They didn't need to recover from Leadville...Leadville needed to recover from them!  Lance is going back to try to beat them.

New logo for TheGreatCanadianSagle??
The big buckle take home for the achievement.

Also earns a take-home podium girl!!

Well done guys!  Watching the support of community, friends, and family, coupled with your incredible hard work and dedication all year pay off so is truly an inspiration.  Great things within reach for the willing!!

Makes me even more eager to heal up, and get back at it!!

Which leads to....wait...

More to blog about...but what can top this??  This is epic...anything else must wait till next time...

Besides, I need to save some topics for future posts...maybe not so worthy...but...

Stay posted!

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