Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Albion O'Cup and Stage Races

Ya...a Wednesday post...just cuz.

Anyways...what's going on in the world of mountain biking??  Lots...

Last weekend was the Albion O'Cup (#6 in the O'Cup series)...

Ya...I'm king of logo pics today!!

Sean of SuperflyRacing made this one a little different than most O'Cups...just to spice things up a bit.  My friend and fellow TrueGritter, Giant, may have summed it up best. so I'm going to steal a quote from him to describe the race (besides, I am lazy like that...)...

"OCup Albion Enduro
Different MTB XC OCup race, different race format, different race strategy and some different players on the podium. Going full out from the start without saving energy for later might have not been the right approach, in this 50km marathon race format with plenty of punchy climbs....and a few long ones:) Those who adopted well from the beginning reaped the benefits later. The Green Monster, Last long double-climb after the Sugar Shack, get a whole new meaning of respect.
The versatility of the OCup XC races is a true opportunity to become a well rounded MTB XC athlete.
One thing that stays constant at the XC OCup races is the relaxed atmosphere at the race venue. It's so awesome to pull in at the finish line and see smiles on friendly faces.
Congrats to the podium finishers on their mega efforts !!!"

Well said, sir!!

Travelling Photog PeterK was on site to take a couple of interesting pics before he made his way to Mont St Anne for the upcoming World Cup...

TrueGrit Grant leading the pack
(phot cred: Peter Kraiker)

Barry...staying glued??
(photo cred: Peter Kraiker)

And ApexTed and his crew from ApexRacePhotography were on site catching all the action!

 Those AWI folks...always up front!!

Click the logo to find your favourite action shot!!
('s a new ninja game!!)  

Also going on this week...the Quebec SingleTrack Experience.  A new stage race...

Click the logo for results

A few locals are killin the new race!!

Darcie, Bevin, Garnett

Those Lapdogs are everywhere!!

And if you look hard enough you might see some True Grit kit up that way... he lost???

There is another stage race going on this week (yup...probably not great scheduling...2 Canadian stage races the same week...).  

SingleTrack 6...(the new version of the TransRockies)...

Click the logo for results...and a prize...
( prize...)

One of the toughest races around!!  

A few local folks at this one too...a couple of Landrys (there are Landrys everywhere!!)...and GaryS...who frequents the best bike shop in Waterdown (BicycleWorks) often!  
And they are nailing it...check the results!

Unfortunately, I am not attending any of these races...but wishing!!  I am still nursing broken bones...and seriously missing the mtb. 

 Lois may be getting a little ticked off at my restlessness...she's taking it out on the cats...

Sorry, did you think you'd make it through an entire post 
without a cat pic and bad humour??

Anyways, this is a post about what's going on in mtb this week...not about my tribulations...well at least not until next post...

Thursday??  Maybe...

Stay posted!

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