Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Friday, 11 September 2015

Tough Guys!!!

Since I didn't participate in a race last weekend this is just a short post to give kudos to friends who did do a nasty race (or two!).


The Gaspesia is a 100 mile mountain bike race which was held last Saturday in the Quebec Gaspe region; the Forillon is a 100 mile road bike fondo which was last Sunday in the same area.  Yes, back to back days!!  200 miles!!

Was attended by these folks:

Dave, Cole, Giant, Kevin...(and a bunch of other folks but these are the ones I know...).

It was the first time for the Gaspesia, so it was expected to be a bit of a shite-show (as many first time events are).  First of all its in the Gaspe so plenty of rocks were expected...there were(advertised as 'Worlds longest rock gardens');  lots of extreme climbing and descents were expected....there were(4000m!!!).  In fact there were climbs where you had to put your bike on your back and climb up ropes!  WTF??

And this guy thinks he did well...

Yeah....anyways.  There were sections where you had to wade waist deep in the Atlantic ocean!!  Again...WTF???(Nothing like riding on a salty chamois!!)

There were log rides over deep canyons...

Anyways...the combination can play havoc on body and bike...especially over 100 miles!!...and it did.

Kevin said it well in his race report...
"Gaspe 100 complete... against ALL odds!
Race Report - 15km blew front tire, 20km blew rear shock and rear tire, 40km blew rear brakes (not fixable, good thing it's my left finger that's broken :0), 66km 3 of 4 front chain ring bolts fell out (rough course) no front shifting 24 tooth ring only. Not in a good place (fell to the dark side). 100 km at R5. Not fixable no parts race done ( RIP Yeti). Oh wait race volunteer takes off in A TV comes back 5 min later hands me HIS bike and says you want it? Kevin: I LOVE YOU!!! Little tweak here little tweak there, race back on. 140km right pedel seizes (I begin to cry, true story) I run bike 4 km to next aid station and we are able to free up. Race back on. 160km I finish!!!!!! That was one hell of a race."

So....Giant finished in 11hrs7mins to come in 14th out of 37.  Kevin finished 11:35; Cole 12:07; Dave 12:57.  Well done gents!!

But wait!!  Still to do the road Fondo the next day!!!  Dave was so beat up from the MTB (back, shoulders, arse...all in agony), that he opted out of the road Fondo (and I don't think Kevin did it).
But Giant, and Cole (who is only 15 yrs old by the way!!!) both did it .... and finished.  Well done gents!!!

But wait!!!  They have this thing...where they add up your times for the two events (for those who were crazy enough to do both)...and guess what???

Giant won the whole damn thing!!!  Yes!!!  That is huge!!!

Holy shite!!!  kudos!  Kudos!!  KUDOS!!!

Well, I don't know what I can do to follow that up...

Yeah...wish I was doing that race (don't read that the wrong way!!)...

But I am doing this, this weekend....

The Marathon Nationals...out at Horseshoe Ski/Copeland Forest; with 1400m of climbing, it's no Gaspe but that's more than enough for me!!

Race report to follow next week!

Stay posted!!

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