Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Friday, 25 September 2015

Fall 8 Hour MTB Relay Race - the Pre-Amble

WTF?  A second blog post in a week?  This isn't so much a post, as a quick comment.  Besides, blame Blaze...he seems to like my drivel, and is always telling me to post more often.

Wondering how many will click 'like'.

Anyways...I was looking at the confirmation list of registered riders for the race coming this weekend...and had a few points of note. many 'regulars' seem to be missing...Where is:
Is there a party somewhere I don't know about???  (Guys like me don't get invited to many party's...ever since that Cheese Whiz incident....)

I notice many of the regular solo's are teaming up for this race....
Oggie is on his regular team (Nucking Futs)...he is scared to solo, I think...although he has claimed that this was him training on the beach...

JeffS is tag teaming with his daughter (KT & Dad)...they will certainly podium seeing as there is little competition in their category...yikes...(I joke, if you look you will see their category is stacked...including the duo of Adam/Emily (Trek Store 56)...nothing like competing with the pros!)  They will still podium...

14stone is on a team...KevinM is on a team...Burnsy on a team...SingleSpeed the heck??

What about the Rock & Road crew??  Mark and Jenn...on a team.  Seth is tag teaming with his son.  But John, Giant, and Fig will all be there in their R&R kit....and likely each one of them will lap me at some point during the day.  Yeah...the R&R

I wonder if Jeremiah knows he signed up twice??  (And Jeremiah, where is Ian???)

Then I noticed the competition in my category...very tough competition...
RichBow...serious...Hal...GarryS.  Even BobM is registered to kick my arse...again!!!  And as always, my colleague also representing BicycleWorks, Martin will be out leave me in the dust.  And this is only a fraction of the very many I do not know who have registered solo for this race (there are a ton!!).  I am a-scared!!

Maybe it will help if I throw this carpet down on the course???

Anyways, I am actually looking forward to doing well.  The weather is supposed to be good for a change!!  I am coming in feeling in fairly good shape.  Ribs still sore from the tree incident a couple of weeks ago...but CoachRob has me tapered in....and has forced me to get my weight down (it needed to be...still need more off).

Yeah...not like that I guess.  More like this??

Seriously...I used to be pretty chunky...

Wow...anyways, Lois will be out to help me out again!!  And to take pics....since my officially unofficial photog (JeffS) will be busy racing.  (Hey Ted, will you and your ApexRacePhotography crew be in for this one??)

Maybe Lois will take more selfies??

Anyways...that's enough...for now.  Let's see how this goes!!

Stay posted!!

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  1. Mike your blog is always a great read and keeps me laughing looking forward to more racing in years to come