Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Bring on the Nostril!!

So the first race of the season is days away...The SteamingNostril.  This is a 70km (ish) race starting with about 8km of rail trail, then opening up into 50 - 60 kms of gravel road, then finishing in the opposite direction along the same 8km of rail trail.  My report of last years race can be enjoyed HERE.

Unfortunately, the weather is not looking ideal (actually, it looks like shite...mother nature is proving to be a real birch so far this spring!!!!).  The forecast is snow with a high of -6 C.  Oh well...maybe it will slow down all the fast guys/gals???

That said...who are the players on my list o' friends/adversaries...

Cpt. Sydor: Fast, fit, and motivated...will likely kick my arse.  But I am bigger than him so I can take him out after the race if I can catch him.

V Vagabond:  Cpt Sydors other half.  Fast, fit...she will beat most of us, and laugh and say hi as she passes.

Fig:  Fit, sandbagger.  Says he hasn't been riding, but he is a secret trainer; he won't admit it but he is competitive like that.  If he can avoid bonking, we will have quite the contest.

EnglishJim:  Has been invisible all winter.  Don't know how much he has been riding or training, if at all.  His goal will be to finish before the organizers pack up the finish line, and all the food is gone.  (I will make sure all the beer is gone by then...).

It was hard to find but at least I got a pic of EnglishJim with clothes on...

Sorry...almost got through this without a cat pick, eh??

Oops.  Heh, heh...
OK...let's carry on....

Egggman:  Are you racing???

NewfieSteve:  I think he has been abducted by aliens, has succumbed to the matrix, or has contracted MTB Alzheimer's.

Everyone else is too fast and does not deserve mention because they will all be up there with Cpt Sydor, too far in front of me.

I have stuck to my training regime throughout the winter, so this race will be a good test of my fitness, and what I might need to change in my training plan. 

I am a tad heavy right now, mostly from getting a little overzealous in weight training...but most of my 'A' races are later in the season, and this weight will wear off over time.  It's not quite this bad...

Otherwise...let's see if we can survive this!!  The race report will follow next week...ish!!!

Stay posted!!

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