Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Time for Winter to DIE!!! Or at least leave for a long time... seems that the snow and cold is never going to end.  I am so ready to ride in some warmth...on a dry trail.  Soon please.

Seriously, the winter has been so harsh we are seeing all kinds of wildlife feeding on our deck.




Yikes!!  Sorry about that!!  And don't worry...this is NOT my doorbell....

Anyways, as far as training goes, I have still been sticking to the gameplan through this weather.  Whether winter riding on the trails, and/or riding the trainer.  Thankful for Sufferfest videos!!  Getting a mix of focussed workouts and base kms in...increasing the frequency of the focussed workouts gradually into this Build period.  Maybe I should lay off the squats somewhat though...quads are getting a little out of hand...

Have also been testing new race nutrition.  Would like to move away from the fake foods (powders and gels), as they don't work well in endurance races (aka gut rot issues...).  So have been trying more real foods; the book 'Feed Zone Portables' is an amazing resource...if you get a chance check it out.  This is not an example...

As far as upcoming races, The Steaming Nostril is only a month away....then the Homage to Ice...then ending the month of April with The Paris to Ancaster.  These are the races on the near horizon...assuming this freaking winter will eventually recede.

Sorry, no stories of injuries, races, or such...   Well...NewfieSteve is recovering from 'elective' surgery this morning...if that is of any real interest. 

Otherwise, just boring winter training.  (Steve will be back riding within a week...although maybe on a softer spring loaded commuter saddle...). 

Or this...

Perhaps Steve's new name will be Sunkist??  (All juice, no seeds...)

Anyways...a short post this time (no, not a reference to Steve's surgery).  I better quit with the jokes before Steve gets ticked off...


Time to get training....more.  Cap't Sydor is threatening to kick my arse even more than he usually does.

Bring on spring...and the races!!

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