Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Base Training, Nutrition...NoMo Football

So as my last post was more about football and Saskatchewan this one will be all about mountain biking...except for maybe this one football pic...

OK...but that's it...on with this story...

Anyways, as I mentioned after the last post, I came back from Saskatchewan pretty the plan is to get lean again.  Also it is time to move from the Preparation period of training, into the Base period of training for the upcoming race season.  What the heck does this mean?

As I have mentioned in previous posts I follow the Friel (Joe Friel) method of training.  Friel divides the annual training plan into six periods; those being Transition, Preparation, Base, Build, Peak, and Race.

Base is a 12 week block divided further into three sub-periods, (Base 1, Base 2, Base 3....very creative naming indeed) each four weeks long.  As I am beginning Base 1 this week, the training emphasis in Base 1 is on building endurance, with less emphasis on force (strength) and speed work (however this does not mean force and speed are ignored).  With this in mind my four weeks of Base 1 will look like this...

Base Period 7-Day Microcycle
Day 1 (Sunday)         High dose (aerobic capacity)
     - This is typically a long and intense ride that really pushes the limits (Zone 4 - Zone 5...for me this means a sustained heart rate of 150+).  I really like this type of workout because it gets me in touch with why I really love this sport.  See the previous post Riot Goes Deep for what the heck I mean.
Day 2         Strength and active recovery
      - This is a weight work out to increase power, and keep the core strong, and to maintain upper body strength.  The active recovery is usually a longish, leisurely ride (Zone 2 ish...which for me means a sustained heart rate of 120 - 130).
Day 3         Active recovery
Day 4         Strength and Aerobic endurance
     - Aerobic endurance is a longer moderately intense ride (Zone 3ish...heart rate of 135 - 140)
Day 5         Strength and active recovery
Day 6         Recovery day (off or active recovery) 
Day 7         Aerobic endurance

Base 2, and Base 3 periods will change slightly, and I will cover that when we get there!

As I mentioned earlier, and at the end of my last post...I am a bit of a fat bastard right now...after the time off to recover from injury, and then 'vacation' in I have focused my nutrition plan on cutting (getting lean, losing fat).  How does that work?  I covered the details in my previous post Life's Questions Answered.  Check it out to get all of your questions in life answered (including next weeks lotto numbers).

To carry on all the technical stuff, this means my daily meals currently look something like this...

Meal 1 (Some people call this breakfast), is 40 grams of Protein, 40 grams of Carbs, 20 grams of Fat
Meal 2 is 35 P, 30 C, 15 F if it is the preworkout/preride meal.
Meal 3 (or the post workout/ride meal), is 60 P, 60 C, 5 F (a fast digested protein and higher glycemic index carbs)
Meal 4 is 35 P, 20 C, 20 F
Meal 5 (typically Supper), 40 P, 20 C, 20 F
Meal 6 is 40 P, 15 C, 5 F  (a slow digested protein)

I am throwing in a 'cheat' meal...usually on Saturday evening...which often includes a beer or whiskey...and a cookie...I like cookies...

If I can get lean enough maybe I can be as sexy as this guy...

Sorry about the language...worse than this guy...

OK...enough of the technical stuff...time to get out for a ride...then register for some races next year.  Which ones?? 

Stay posted!



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