Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Base 2 eh

So I have just finishing up my first 3 week block of Base training (as covered in the previous blog post).  I am glad of this....I find the Base training soooo booooring...with the abundance of long, slow rides.


Actually did have some excitement (OK...very small, but it was there) ride had me break an XTR cassette....just snapped one of the titanium cogs.  So off I went to BicycleWorks to have Paul replace the broken cassette with a used one I had (good enough to use through the winter).  Next day, I break the carbon rim (a bit of dodgy riding, catching the sharp edge of a leaf covered bridge).  So I went to BicycleWorks to have Paul put that used cassette back on my extra wheel (I have an extra wheel-set for just this reason) until my new carbon wheel is delivered.  Next ride....I snap the axle in the used wheel torquing up a hill.  So I went to BicycleWorks to get repaired...  Yes they are getting tired of seeing me at BicycleWorks...guess I will have to buy something more there one of these days... 

Anyways, I am now moving into the second 3 week block of Base training, I am adding a High Dose (intense) day (so I will now have 2 of these each week), I am keeping the two Aerobic Endurance (moderate) days, then the remainder will be Recovery (rest) or Active Recovery days.  3-4 days of the week will still have Strength workouts as well.  (Really, see the last post if none of this is making sense...or just smile and nod...) 

Yes...the strength training adds weight, but I believe a strong engine is a fast engine.  Plus some muscle will be lost when I get into the more intense Build, and Peak training.

I am seeing success in leaning opposition to putting on muscle weight ... the result has been a total loss of 8 pounds in the last 2.5 weeks.  Yes, more to that still leaves me at 200lbs.  Could be challenging during the holidays.  Chocolate...cookies...egg nog...rum...

What??  Anyways... 

Finally, this last week has seen us get about 30 cms of snow; so I have been forced to ride the trainer for the most part.  Hopefully, the trails get packed down, or melt, to the point where they are soon rideable again...  The trainer is not nearly as exciting as real riding. 

Second Finally...a get well soon shout out to Fig.  He is in surgery today (really), although I cannot say is a secret...will he be changing his name to Figette???  


Stay posted...


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