Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Tour de Caffeine - fun in suffrage

So my friend/nemesis Unglued (yes another British friend), invited me to go on a ride with him and the race team/cycling club he belongs to, the Lapdogs.  The ride, titled the Tour de Caffeine is a 240 km road ride through central Ontario visiting local coffee shops.  Yes, 240 kms (that's about 140 miles for all you codgers...or Americans)...hence suffrage!!  Pit in, hold on...the story goes like this...

(Just so you know the cat-pic-theme of this post is at the request of EnglishJim...these British...)

Anyways, back to the and Unglued actually started from his house, and rode 30 kms to the ride start at the Cherry Bomb Coffee Café in Toronto.  After a bit of a meet n greet (There were about 30 other riders), an espresso and pre ride scone (provided by the Lapdogs, thank you!!), and the ride was off...first leg was about 80 km to Café Domestique in Dundas.  Of course, yours truly (that means me), had the first the first 20 km...a slow leaking flat...just my luck.  However, luckily, Larry (who was manning the sag wagon), was way faster at changing a flat than me and had me up and running faster than I could find a tree to pee behind!!  Thank you Larry!!

Eventually made it to Café Domestique, for a bit of a lengthy stay, for the group to refuel and rehydrate...then it was time for leg 2...the leg of hills.  Leg 2 was about another 80 kms, starting with Sydenham hill...a long steep winding lung-buster of a climb.  Several kilometres later was Bell School Line hill...another long steep climb followed almost immediately by the long climb of 6th Line Road.  The hills really strung out the group...into several small groups...and these smaller groups eventually made the way to the town of Erin where we stopped at the Shed Café/Coffee Shop to again rehydrate, and eat.

The last leg was a 50 km bomb down Mississauga Road, however several kilometres were unexpectedly gravelled; and the gravel was rough.  Enough to shake my bike to the point where my saddle pack zipper split and, unknown to me at the time, the contents spilled out behind me.  A rider behind me alerted me, so I had to veer off, leave the small group I was with, to search and recover the equipment I had lost.

Now I was all alone...the riders behind me were not yet in sight...the riders I was with were well ahead.  So, I needed a full out 45 minute TT effort to latch back onto another group (after 200 kms TT hurts!)...Kinda felt like the doofus that goes all out for a Strava segment...

Anyways...I eventually ended up back at my truck at Unglued's house. Then I had to quickly get home, as Lois and I had made dinner plans with friends!  7 hrs and 51 minutes of ride time (almost 12 hours in total adding stopped time and travel time)...made for a long one.  Over 6000 calories burned!!  Made for an great day!  Thank you to Unglued and the Lapdogs!!

So how did I follow up the Saturday 240 km ride??  Sunday had me join Centurion and Fig for a 100 km ride!!  In case you are not familiar with these two ride partners check out the post 'Centurion the Destroyer'...they piled more hurt on my suffering body...

Monday, I took as a rest day...Tuesday as a weight workout day.  Wednesday and Thursday were lengthy MTB days, including one day of a 2 hour morning ride with Fig, followed by an evening riding with CptSydor, VVagabond, and JDuffet chasing my fat butt around our local trails.  These guys and gals (VVagabond, is a gal, CptSydor''s significant other...don't worry...she will kick your arse all over the trails!) are all great riders...I felt like this the whole time...

Our local trails are a great workout...lot's of hills!  Friday was a weight workout day, Saturday a short easy recovery type of prepare for today (Sunday) another long one with Centurion and Fig...and anyone else who will join us.

There are three very tough races in September, that all of this is preparing me for.  The first one, next weekend, may be the toughest one of the year.  It is dubbed The Eager Beaver... a 100 mile (160km) MTB race in Mansfield.  It will be a killer!!!  Fig and EnglishJim are also doing this race...just hope Jim keeps his clothes on this time...(in case you haven't been following...Jim tends to always find a way to end up nude in public...)

Other than NakedJim...I am looking forward to this race!  I will let you know how it goes!!

Stay posted!!

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