Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Saturday, 11 May 2013

On Lois

Well it is 2am Saturday morning of the Spring 8 hour mountain bike race that I am participating in...and I am wide awake.  What better time to write a blog post??

One area I have been looking to address is the fact that I am often asked how I manage to dedicate as much time as I do to this 'hobbie' (passion, obsession??).  Well there are a few reasons but one of the biggest ones is the help and support I get from Lois.  The reason this is kind of fitting is that my best friend, my deepest love, my true soulmate turned 50 years old this week.  In celebration the 5 of us piled into the truck and headed to the local Turtle Jacks for supper and to watch hockey (I was under strict orders NOT to have a party with a house full of 'friends'...what she did not know was that I did alert several friends about where we were and if possible, they should stop by and say'hi';  and in case you are wondering...yes Lois is a huge hockey fan...if you consider the Leafs a hockey team).

Also, if you are wondering if Lois is upset that I so freely disclose her age, don't be.  That is not a hang up for her; partly because she doesn't look it...this is Lois....

Whereas this is me at 50...

However this is what Lois thinks I look like...

It's not that Lois' last name was Keller (she can see, and hear....and talk...boy can she talk...anyways...), it's not even that she is blond and I have very strong powers of's that she just truly believes that I look that good.  Her perception is my good fortune.

Anyways...I am getting sorely off track here.  Back to how Lois is supportive of my mountain biking.  The truth is we are supportive of each other...and we are strong enough individually to know that true strength together comes not from needing to control the other, but from assisting each other to achieve, not only our goals as a couple, but our individual goals as well.  (Lois does not mountain bike, in fact she can not ride a bike...shhhhh...).  And we both know and appreciate how lucky we are to share that support of each other...because we often see the opposite in many other couples.

And yes, I especially appreciate not only the moral support...but the fact that she is so often right there beside me at the races.  We leave for today's race a t 6am...(she is NOT a morning person), but she is willingly coming to help out (me and NewfieSteve are a team in this race, Fig is soloing the race; and we are all sharing a pit)...and Lois is manning the pit, making sure we are properly hydrated, have our nutrition as needed...and making sure all is in order as we pass by the pit with every lap...then ending the day driving our exhausted carcasses home...

Believe me...none of this is lost on me.  I may not be a rocket surgeon, or scientific genius, but I know how fortunate I am...and if heaven grants wishes mine will be that I get to share Lois's next 50 years. is now 3am (yes it took me an hour to write this...I am slow at the keyboard)  and I need to get ready, for now we are off to this race...I'll let you know how it goes.

Stay posted!!

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  1. Awwww... I love this entry too! Your love for one another is a gift to be cherished and it is clear to me that you do. Happy birthday Lois... Superman thinks your awesome so I do too!