Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Mountain Biking to Football to Casting Couch??

Well with some of the best November weather I have ever seen in my life (yes, I know that’s alot of Novembers!!), I took every opportunity available to get out on a bike, managing a ride every day (until Friday...more on this later).    Nothing of real significance to report on any of the rides; was able to get out on the road bike, and the mountain bike during the week.  The weather was amazing...although a little breezy.  In fact on a 100 km road ride with Fig and Rich (not the band, just a couple of riding buddies), we managed an average of 34.7 km/hr for the first 50 km of the ride...however the return leg was directly into the head wind.  It was a struggle to keep the speedometre anywhere near 30 km/hr, which made for huge work and a great burn; but it is annoying when you really like to go fast.  Anyways, it was a great week to take advantage of the great weather while we have it...then Friday hit.

There was nothing wrong with the weather on Friday; it’s that the Grey Cup is this weekend, so this week was chalk full of related festivities.  Being originally from Saskatchewan, I am a huge CFL fan...specifically, a Rider at 1pm we (my sister is visiting from Saskatchewan) trundled off to Toronto to attend Riderville.  I can honestly say that I have never seen so many intoxicated people in one place (not even my family reunion!!); but everyone there to have fun and enjoy a great time. 


The problem I am sure you can caloric consumption control was, of course...out the window.  Anyways, Lois confirmed that even Superman was allowed to have a day off every now and then...and she offered to be the ‘head’ (pun fully intended) cheerleader for Team Riot. 


Well can’t have a head cheerleader without a full squad, so somehow it got mentioned that I was looking for cheerleaders for the Team Riot Mountain Bike Race Club (I did not, however, mention that I was the only club member)...and with that the lineups started for interviews.  So, I dusted off the old casting couch, and the rest is history...




Then Lois decided she should also do some interviewing...

That is actually former Saskatchewan Roughrider Lance Frazier.  Then Lois disappeared to the washroom to conduct the interview (I guess it’s quieter there).  I don’t really understand how it works...but she came back with this guy.

I know, I know...too much juvenile humour again...sorry but it could’ve been worse...

Or worse...


OK...I know I'm going overboard when my own cat Shadow gives me the gears...

Anyways...once again...completely off track!  The only bad thing about Friday night...was that I had a Mountain Bike Ride planned with EnglishJim, NewfieSteve, and Fig for Saturday....and when Saturday morning came around I did not feel well.  I am really not that tough...kinda like this guy...

Damn!  Sorry Shadow...  Anyways, head pounding, stomach churning, and legs of rubber, I did tough it out and hit the trails.  If fact, it was NewfieSteve that ended up having a near fatal crash...notice the bike seat...

It was OK...apparently he has two (or so he claims).  Actually, the worst part of this two hour ride was once done, EnglishJim decided we had to celebrate with a round (or three) of 40 Creek (very good Canadian Whiskey)...yeah...that was just what I needed (a very strong tone of sarcasm here). 
 However, NewfieSteve explained to me that it was part of the mountain bike culture to be one with nature...not really sure how that works, but if it made sense to a Newfie it had to be good!

Sunday (today), was the first really cold, snowy day of the week, so I stayed in and rode the trainer to a new Sufferfest video (Angels, followed by a segment of Hell Hath No Fury)...and now I am going to pit in to watch the actual Grey Cup.  So, dang it...I did it again...I apologize for getting so drastically off the rails so often...I promise I will do better to stay on topic.

Next time!  J


  1. Well, this was the best blog entry (photo-wise) EVER! Loved seeing your beautiful wife... how did you manage to score that big? Look at your face in those photos... OMG... you would be a hoot to hang with! In the picture of Lois and the cutie black guy... Lois' right hand seems a little low... I am thinking she mighta been enjoying a lil feel :) Kidding... kinda, she looks too sweet to pull a Marge :P

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