Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Mountain Bike Post...Eventually

OK, my apologies for so long in between posts.  Between, riding, work, saving the universe and attending to Lois’ every wish, time has caught up to me (OK, I’ve just been lazy).  In case you are new to the blog, and don’t get the ‘universe/Lois’ references, let me fill in the gap.  Lois (aka Heidi, aka my spouse) referred to me as her Superman after me and NewfieSteve managed a tag-team podium in an 8-hour mountain bike race...and the rest is history.

Here is an artists rendition of me in my Superman garb.

Actually Lois doesn’t like when I wear the Superman reminds her of the circus, and she is terrified of the circus ever since the time she was attacked by a mime, who did unspeakable things to her.
She isn’t the only one in the family who isn’t overly thrilled with the Superman thing...

I don’t know why cat’s always have that FU look on their face...but it makes for great pics.

Almost makes you forget how stupid cats can be...

Because I often use these pics a loyal follower of this blog (there are two of you, you know), sent me this pic...
So I tried this on our cat Max while he was sitting on my lap...the lacerations on my thighs should heal in a week or so...but then Max plopped himself down, and gave me this...

Anyways....I am so fricken off track here!!  This is an MTB blog dammit!  So...mountain biking... we have been so lucky with the weather for November (après Sandy), that I have managed to get 9 good rides in during the 9 days since my last post (did not ride every day…had a couple of 2-a-days).  Also managed to get in regular lifting (strength) sessions. 
Nothing overly exciting with the rides.  Plenty of trees down on the trails last week after the winds.  One ride was with BicycleWorksPaul, who wanted to test ride a brand new carbon Kona HeiHei.  We rode the Dump Run.  It’s called the Dump Run cuz it runs by an old municipal dump…not because it used to scare the living crap out of me…there are a couple of nasty it just scares me, so I am progressing.
The most intense rides were this Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday I managed two separate rides on the Dump Run, with two separate groups of guys.  I was exhausted!!  But Sunday had me on a road ride with Rod, Centurion (his nickname is Joe), Rich, and NewfieSteve; a group of damn fast guys...especially after the Saturday rides!!  We went for a total of 99 minutes at an average pace of 34.1 km/hour!!!  What I can’t believe is Centurion...this was only his second ride since the summer and he still kicked our asses.  And he is the oldest one of the group...he is what we call...a machine!!
Finally, as I mentioned in the last post, I am attempting to cut the weight I had gained since the end of race season.  So to keep myself accountable, last weekend I weighed in at 200 pounds....this weekend on my way.
I have been asked what kind of nutrition plan I follow to do this, but since I have already wasted so much time and space on this post I will cover that, and a couple of other questions that have been thrown at me next post.
 Stay tuned.


  1. Another excellent blog entry!! I am sitting at my desk laughing out loud and the janitor is outside my office thinking I am nuts... so thanks for that Superman :S Can't wait to hear about the diet and you lost the same amount as me last week... so I will be comparing notes ;)

    Make it a great day!

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