Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Training This Week

So here is a recap of my training activity for this past week.

Sunday – Road ride to Fergus and back with Centurion (See details in last post).  156 km at an average of 31 km/hr.
Monday – Solo MTB ride local; 65 minutes.  Also weight workout (shoulders, arms).
Tuesday – Weight workout (legs, back).  Hockey 1 hour.
Wednesday – HIIT on road bike; 14 intervals of 800m sprinting, 400m casual.  Solo MTB ride 60 minutes (slipped on the railroad track, bruised up arm and leg protecting my bike from making contact…body repairs itself; bike doesn’t).
Thursday – Weight workout (chest, back).  Hockey 1 hour.
Friday – HIIT on road bike; 15 intervals 800m sprinted, 400m casual.
Saturday – rode to Cambridge (45 kms) to go for a road ride with BicycleWorks Jim (40 km), then rode back home;  130 km total at average 30 km/hr.  It was 34 degrees Celsius this day…and humid as hell!!
I continue to track my nutrition on MyFitnessPal.  Getting much leaner, but the weight is only down to 190 lbs as the weight workouts are putting on muscle.  (Is being lighter more important than overall fitness??  I do not think so.)
So there ya have it.  That’s my week (minus work, family, and the Olympics!!).  Till next time!!

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