Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

'Nother Week - Training, Livin' the Dream

Never mind the is how it went.

Sunday- 80km road ride at an average of 29km/hr – 146 minutes (that’s two hours, 26 minutes) with BlueStreakRiders Ian (Sciurus), Fig, and CL.  A typical route north and east of town to catch some hills.
Monday – I got out for a solo road ride managing 46km at an average of 31.2 km/hr (88.5min).  Solo road riding gives one a great opportunity for introspection; I can’t really let on what I introspect about though on a family blog.
Tuesday – I joined the BicycleWorks group road ride for a great blast of 59km at an average of 33.1km/hr (107 min.).  Loving the new Venge!!  Made for a great calorie burn workout!!  Then I had to rush to get off my bike and get to the arena for a 9:30pm hockey game (1hr).
Wednesday – I managed to join the BicycleWorks group mountain bike ride for 1 hr out towards  Kerncliffe park.  This was a more leisurely ride, to take the stiffness out of the quads after yesterdays ride and hockey.
Thursday - Fig and I got out for a 75min local mountain bike ride.  A decent pace made for a good calorie burn!
Friday – NewfieSteve and I took off for a weekend of camping and mountain biking in the Gravenhurst area.  After setting up camp we managed a 2 hour ride at Buckwallow.  A good pace over the challenging rocky terrain made for a great burn!!  Allowed for beers and great camp food that night!

Saturday – NewfieSteve and I headed to Porcupine Ridge for a 2hr ride.  However the extremely technical trail (twisty, steep, rooty, and very rocky) made for a slower less flowy ride.  Our carbon XC bikes were not the right tool for this trade.  So we headed over to the Devils Gap for a 1hr blast.  This was basically ATV trails that were leafy, pine needle covered, soft ground, with the occasional rock.  It felt like gravity was doubled, or riding with a flat.  It made for a great workout, as we always needed to be cranking…coasting wasn’t an option.  More camp food, beer, (and maybe a little Jagermeister…shhhh).  Jager can be in the nutrition plan...can't it???

Sunday – OK…I know I am overlapping into the new week here, but what the hay…if you can’t break the rules every now and then…  So after clearing our heads with breakfast and coffee (with Jager??) NewfieSteve and I managed to talk EnlishJim to join us for a ride in 3 Stages (Collingwood), which was kinda on our way home from camping.  3 Stages is very fun trails…some flowy, some technical with roots and rocks…plenty of challenging climbs on the escarpment; much like our local trails!  The problem was, an hour and a half in it started to rain, which wasn’t a big problem on its own, but the trails were clay based…combined with the roots and rocks …made for very slippery conditions.  Very dangerous when you are fast, but limited in skill. 

Finally, a roll of thunder had us heading for the truck, to call it a day; with plenty of trail missed but there to discover another time.  And wouldn’t you know it; the sun came out as we had a ‘recovery’ beverage at the truck.

Oh well, unfortunately for Heidi, it was home earlier than planned…which leads to another mystery.  Why is the back patio door always open when I show up home unexpectedly….?

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  1. lol about the back door comment and the introspect comment... hehehe

    You are a busy man and hard to keep up with! I love your style and I am just trying to maintain the high level of activity that you inspire me to do!