Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Races on the Schedule for 2012

These are races that are upcoming for 2012.  Whether or not they will all fit into my schedule remains to be seen.  Also, exact dates have not been set for all of the races yet so there may be overlap where I will have to choose one race over another. 

Here is what is available so far:
  • April 15 - Paris to Ancaster.  A point to point race approximately 65 kilometres, predominantly over fields and fire roads.  A good introduction to the racing season.
  • May 20- Ontario Marathon Challenge 1 - Part of a Three Race Series.  A 74 km course held at Ontario's Ganaraska Forest.
  • May 26 - Spring Epic 8 Hour. The first of a Three Race Series. It is an eight hour relay race of an approximately 10 km very challenging loop held in Mansfield, Ontario. I plan on doing the race solo.
  • June 23 to 24 - 24 Hours of Summer Solstice.  A 24 hour relay race of an approximately 15km loop held in Albion Hills, near Bolton, Ontario.  I will be doing this race as part of a 5 man team.
  • July 1 - Ontario Marathon Challenge 2 - Second race of the series. A 65 km course in Kingston, Ontario.
  • July 21 - Summer Epic 8 Hour. The second of the three Epic 8 Hour Race Series. This one is usually held in Hardwood Hills near Barrie, Ontario. I will solo this race.
  • August 5 - Ontario Marathon Challenge 3 - Third race in the series.  A 70 km course in Mansfield, Ontario.  I broke a chainstay in this race in 2011.  Managed to limp my way to the end of the course.  Looking forward to a better result in 2012.
  • August 25- Victoria's 100 - A 100 mile race (two loops of 80 kms) held in Mansfield, Ontario. This is a very tough race. Had to bail with a mechanical after 80 kms in 2011. Looking forward to finishing the full distance in 2012.
  • September 14 to 16 - Crank the Shield.  This is THE race for 2012.  This is the one I will be training and preparing all season for.  This is where I want to peak.  This is a 3 day stage race, of up to 90 kms of trail each day, held in northern Ontario's Canadian Shield.
  • September 15 - Paul's Dirty Enduro.  This is a brutally tough 100km race held in Ganaraska Forest.  However because of the overlap with the Crank the Shield, I will not participate in this one in 2012.
  • September 22- Fall Epic 8 Hour.  Third race in this series.  Held at Hardwood Hills.  Will solo this race.
  • September 30 - Tour de King.  A point to point race of about 50 km near King City, Ontario.
  • October 14- Hardwood Hills 50 km Singletrack Challenge.  I think the name says it all.
So, those are the major races in my area that I will try to fit into my schedule.  Some of our local trails also hold weekly race series, and there are the Ontario Cup races, , which are all possibilities if or when they fit. 

This is what it is all about!

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