Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

A Few Updates

So...a few updates.  Lets start with the obvious...

Update - The Freedomburn (Alternate Tilsonburn):

So...the totals are in.  You all managed to raise enough to provide bikes, helmets, and locks for two young folks!!!  So many huge thank you's to all who took part and contributed!!

Wardy is now on the search for the two deserving young people.  We will keep you posted.  Thank you again...this was so much more than I expected.  Your generosity will bring joy to two young lives...and it is so appreciated!!

And word is JeffS is now almost fully recovered and ready for another 200km ride on his fatbike.  The weather is actually supposed to turn almost nice this weekend.  Waddaya think Jeff??  Besides, have to do that part of the FreedomBurn that Oggie and Al talked us all into skipping on Good Friday...about 600m of elevation over a couple of kilometres....

Anyways...speaking of the weather...another update...

Update - O'Cup #1 is postponed:

Due to this nasty crap weather...seriously,  O'Cup #1 scheduled for this weekend in Mansfield has been postponed (twice actually, but whose counting?), rescheduled, and revamped.  You best check out all the details HERE.

Speaking of the weather...another update...

If spring/summer ever does show up...there is a new gravel grinder race/ride to enjoy...if gravel is your thing.  The Steaming Nostril has successfully happened, the P2A is coming up, as are SubstanceProjects gravel series...and they now have a complimentary compatriot.  This...

Click on the pic/poster to link to more details.  Hopefully the slush is gone by June...

Speaking of the weather...another update...

Update - My thumb:

Busted thumb...healing nicely...the bone is knitting crooked...but its knitting (it doesn't crochet...), and although crooked it will be functional (according to the osteoplastic surgeon...).  The giant plaster cast/splint has been replaced with a sleek thermoplastic one.

This with a few bike modifications has allowed me to ride...

...although so far it has been MTB on the road.  MTB to minimize road 'clatter' from jarring the thumb. makes for a great workout.  May try a roadbike soon...well if the weather smartens the heff up!!  And trail riding is a couple of weeks away regardless of the weather.

Have to give a shout out to JonathanTheMechanic.  He has been making sure I continue to get out, and he kicks my ass, in all and night.  Ya...we got out for an unintentional night ride (I got carried away with distance), and was the nicest part of that day.  Damned weather!!

And, yes...Jonathan is a  His shop, just outside of Waterdown, near the Picards Peanuts on Hwy 5.

So...if you need work there!!  Very professional, and more than fair pricing (especially if you throw him post ride meals and beer...).

OK...enough non-self promotion.

Anyways....that's about it for now that there is no O'Cup this weekend...and the weather forecast is almost normal...hope you get out for some bike joy!!

And...again...thank you to all the FreedomBurners!!

Stay posted!

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