Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Spring? Winter? Sprinter???

Well I think it is about time good ol' Mother Nature made up her dang mind!  Our current weather is rather inane...

Yesterday morning was gloriously sunny...with the trails drying up, I pulled out the single speed for a rip...

Spencer Adventure trail

Tew's Falls

Spencer Creek

It was wonderful...for about an hour and a half...then, sadly, it clouded over and started to rain.  So, I bee lined it home.  The point is December.  This is Canada.  In case Mother Nature has made you forget where we live, here is a graphic reference...

Again...the point is December in Canada.  It's supposed to be come on!  Mother Nature, if you don't want to give us least give us back our summer over plus 20, sunshine, and dryness!!  None of this rain in the winter crap!

Otherwise, bring it on!  Give us proper winter!  We are Canadian, we can handle it...we are tough like that!!

Anyways...there is no getting away from it...we are Canadian and most of the stereotypes are true... Dad used to say...Mother Nature, shit or get off the pot!

I know many are eager to get their fatbike-in-the-snow thing on.  In fact there is Global Fatbike Day going on this Saturday hosted by the Simcoe Mountain Bike Club!  Check it out!!

And Substance Projects' 45NRTH Ontario Fatbike Series p\b Cycle Solutions starts on December 17th (yes...that is coming very soon!!) with Race 1 in the series...The Fat Turkey Marathon (at the Turkey Point trails!!). seems that this weekend will still have Mother Nature toying with us weather-wise this weekend.  On the positive side...should give us options on what to ride; with Fatbikes, MTB...even road???...all possibilities!!

What will be your poison??  Whatever it is....make it a great weekend!!

I will let you know what mine is...Tuesday!

Stay posted!

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