Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Thursday, 12 May 2016

The Naproxen OCup

So I did it....wasn't sure I would...but I registered for this weekend's will be heading for Highland Hills trails near Duntroon...ribs and all.

So that will be all I say about ribs...cuz if I ignore them maybe I won't feel them.  Kind of like my little sister, Anne, who used to turn her T-shirt around when the front got dirty.  Or maybe not like that at all...

Anyways, yes I will be Duntrooning.  Yes, I am worried again....maybe a little scared even...once again I will be in a paddock full of everyone-faster-than-me (way faster), only this time I will also be dealing with the things-I'm-ignoring.  Add the fact that Duntroon is a challenging trail with some jumps/drops and rock gardens...if it is similar to last year.  And, so far the weather doesn't sound so cooperative, although I think SeanOfSuperfly (the race promoter) can control that.  Anyways, I shall not dwell on the negative...I shall bring my own friggin ray of sunshine.  Should be a great opportunity for character building...

In case you don't remember my concern about stepping up to Expert category, I have proof.  A testament to ApexTed's ninja photog skills...notice how he caught the subtle hint of fear in my face at the previous OCup at Woodnewton two weeks ago...

I survived that one and did not DFL, so there is hope for me again.
And I am sure the ApexRacePhotography crew will be onsite again to catch it all on pics.

Actually, CoachRob invited me up to Simcoe trails this week to help me get ready for the OCup by having me ride with a group of his clients all faster than me.  Of course it helped that they were all teenagers.  At first I thought one rider, Bill, was around my age....but no, he was teenager fast too.  Hmmm...maybe that's it....maybe everyone else in the Master Expert categorys are teenagers in 50 year old skin suits???

If you see me looking around the paddock like this you will know why....

Actually...I didn't even know there were Simcoe trails.  They were great!!  There are mega kilometres of trail two and a half hours there I barely touched them (although CoachRob had us doing hillervals for an hour and a half so not alot to see in that time).  In the hour I spent out there exploring there was great single track, rocks, climbs, descents with jumps and drops...great fun!  If CoachRob continues to drag me up there, I will have to consider getting a membership (Simcoe County Mountain Bike Club...SCMBC).  If CoachRob continues to drag me up there I may even get faster (those hillervals killed me, still recovering from the 8hr race, and on the mend from the thing-I-am-ignoring).  I may even get fast enough for the MasterExpert category...maybe even to catch Oggie, maybe Guy...perhaps even TerryS???

We all have to have our impossible as they may seem...

Ooookay then...

Actually, my dreams usually look different than that but probably not proper to post of pic of what that might be.

On another note, Fig has asked me to retract his statement from my previous blog post.  He said he would never refer to me as 'A perfectly good Metis.'  Well played, Fig....well played.

Anyways, it's not all about many other questions going into Duntroon this weekend...
Will serious podium in his fancy LapDogs kit?
Will BobM show up?
How is 13Stone recovering?
Will Giant catch mtbmeister?
Will CoachRob beat everybody (on his SS!)?
Unglued won't be there...says he needs a mental break...although I think he has several of those weekly.
Jaimie will be there and this will be his first ever OCup.  Best of luck sir!  Although he won't need it...he is fast and will do well!
Why does ApexTed wear that hat??  You know there is a story there...but that is a story for another day.

Anyways...before I get off topic again...better pop a Naproxen (or two)...and get on a bike and get ready for this weekend.

Stay posted!!

Love you Pa!!
Would have hit the big 80 this week!

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