Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Monday, 16 November 2015

Riot on Fatties

So with racing season over, and a week or two of just fun riding....nothing geared towards training...I decided I need to work on strength/power.  With all of the effort going towards working on endurance, I have lost significant leg strength....and size.  My pants are getting a bit baggy...

So I have been hitting the gym...focusing on leg strength.  Here is my workout pic...

OK...maybe not.

Anyways, to work on strength I have also been singlespeeding our local hilly trails with guys like this...



And finally, with the intention of working on strength by pushing more weight around, and to keep trainer time to a minimum this winter, I trotted down to BicycleWorks this week and picked up this beauty...

So a friend that I have much respect for recently told me that fatbikes are "overrated".  And at one time I agreed.  Three years ago I test rode one....and while the traction was awesome, it felt like a tank...heavy...stiff, yet bouncy....and difficult to maneuver.

Now, I don't know if manufactures have applied more recent technology, or have the geometry more dialed in....or both.  Whatever it is, this machine is incredible.  If I didn't look down at the big tire while riding, I would believe I was on a regular mountain bike.  With the difference being that the traction is unbelievable.  Railing wet, leafy corners; rolling over slick roots on steep technical climbs; rock gardens feeling almost smooth.  I was easily riding stuff that I have always struggled with...almost believing that I had skills!  Yup...I'd like to think I'm a badass but...

And then there is Seth...who obviously is a fatbike badass!

Anyways, on the first couple of rides on the Fatboy I have had to ride every hill possible....just to see if I could.  I was totally gutting myself, but with a perma-smile on my face!  It is so much fun you forget how much work it is pushing the extra weight around....until you look at your heart rate monitor and realize you are redlining for so much of the ride.  Especially chasing guys like this around...(yes Giant also has a new fatbike!)...

Me 'n' Giant

Our fatties

Oh, by the way...leave it to me to prove, that can still go over the bars even on a fatbike...ask Giant...he had a perfect view....or ask this guy...

Anyways, I can seriously see this as being my go to mountain bike for all conditions.  Will I still feel this way when the 'new' wears off?  Let's wait and see.  For now it is fun as heck, and an incredible training tool.

So....let's go ride!!
Stay posted!

Saturday night post fattie ride debacle


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