Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Summer Epic 8 Hour MTB Relay Race Review...and other stuff...

Sorry about the lateness of this post.  I know you have both been waiting to read it...
So lets's get at it....

Participants of note (aka the only people I have been fortunate enough to learn their identity...)

Me (Riot) and Fig participating in Open Tag Team Combined ages over 70
Giant - Solo over age 40
Martin - Solo over age 40
Spinner - Solo over age 40 (What??  He looks 25!!)
EnglishJim - Solo over age 40 (Way, way over...)
misconceptionz - Solo under age 40 (and under 100 a sandwich man!!)
Blaze - Solo under age 40
Serious - Solo Singlespeed
Unglued - Solo Singlespeed
Ross and BobOfSwords - 4 Person Team Combined ages over 200
NewfieSteve, Jamie, PowerPaul - 4 Person Team ages 160-199
JC part of a 4 Person Team ages 160-199
Oggie...absent??  (someone said he is getting domestically whipped....not really sure what that means...)
CptSydor and VVagabond...absent...they figured recovering from a 6 day stage race with 40,000 ish feet of climbing in Colorado was more important...(which probably they brought me beer!)

Whew!!  That is a few people...I must be getting good at this stalking thing... is how it played out...

Actually, Giant, NewfieSteve and myself went to Hardwood during the week before the race in order to pre-ride the race course.  Our first impression was that it was tough...there were new loose sections of trail...and the entire course seemed to have little flow... a steady grind of a climb in order to finish in the hugely fun BMX style (with jumps, bridges, and tall steep berms) descent to the finish.

However, on race day the trail had become more packed and allowing for more flow.  Although, it was a very damp, humid day and the abundance of roots, and occasional small rock garden had become slick to add to the challenge.  In fact, in a moment of inattentiveness I washed out off the edge of the trail and laid down on my first lap...allowing a number (5) riders to pass me, including Giant and Jamie.  Up I got to catch, pass and regain my spot...except for Giant...I couldn't quite catch him...he was on fire on this day!!

Anyways...let's start at the start...
Fig volunteered to take our first lap; and NewfieSteve chose to take the first lap for his team.  They managed to start near the front of the paddock along with miscoceptionz, Blaze, and Giant...which was a great move.  They all kicked butt, and flew through the course with great first lap times!!  (As I said, Giant was on fire this day!!)

And so the day went...Fig had great lap times, consistently at least a minute faster than mine.  When Fig is on, he is on...and he was on, to my good fortune.  But we were in an extremely competitive category...there were some very fast racers we were up against.  We started in 6th place (out of 14 teams in our cat), fell to 7th...struggled to hold on...fell to 8th for a couple of laps...then climbed back to 7th during the last two laps...and that is where we finished.

In fact I had over 50 minutes in which to finish my last lap, so I was rather leisurely riding along when Giant came up behind me and said, "Riot, do I have to pass you?"  I said to relax we had plenty of time to finish...he said "No, I just passed Martin for 5th place and I want to stay in front of him!".  I said, "OK, I will let 'er rip...hang on!"  So we fact I dropped Giant (I may never get to say that I gotta get it in!...Of course, he was on his 13th lap...I was on my 7th)...but he finished in front of Martin...taking 5th place in his category...Martin finished 6th...Spinner followed in 8th spot all with 13 laps.  Well done solo's over age 40!!

Spinner being chased by miscoceptionz on their final lap!!

EnglishJim got in 7 laps...with a two hour mid-race nap.  Seriously!  Who naps during a race???  EnglishJim is most definitely his own man!  I think he was probably dreaming of the young goddess of the culvert!!  (You really had to be there!!)

Fig and I finished in 7th with 14 laps...mid pack in a very tough category this time...considering, we did relatively well.  Thank you Fig!!  By days end this was me...

Other teams...
Steve, Jamie, Paul came in 4th in their category...with 14 laps...4th to JC's team (who came in 3rd).  The sticker here??  They were 4th by a measly 14 seconds!!!  Off the podium by 14 seconds....having gotten passed near the end of their final lap!  So close!!  Next time??

The Trail Bullies podiumed in 2nd place with 14 laps.  Well done Ross and Bob!!

misconceptionz came in 5th with 13 laps.  Blaze was 8th with 12 laps.

But wait....Blaze won a bike....really!!  In the post race draw!!  Nice!!

Serious kicked butt with 13 laps taking first place!!  Well done, sir!!
He took it to Unglued, who came in 2nd with 11 laps.

I may also need to apologize to Ted of Apex Photography...I may have scared the crap out of him as I screamed on my way through the culvert on my final lap...this is a link to the pic...

Riot's Culvert Pic

So another Epic 8 HR in the books....the Fall 8 HR due for the end of September.  In the meantime my focus is on continuing training for the Crank The Shield in mid September.

On a complete side note...while on a recent training ride (yesterday) with CptSydor (did I mention he brought me beer from Colorado...most delicious!) ...I ran into this happy family...

a trumpeter swan with a couple of young (and a couple of mallard ducks).  Sorry about the grainy photo, but I kept my distance, these parents can be vicious...kind of like this guy...

Anyways...I am also considering doing the Kingston Cup ... a Substance Projects race (part of the XC Marathon Series) ... this coming weekend.  Which reminds me...

This is a promotional video for Substance Projects by BigRing Entertainment.  It highlights the Eager Beaver 100 mile MTB race...and I was fortunate enough that it features significant footage of myself (plate 22), and Giant (plate 19).

Enjoy the video....

Yes...I cat pics!!!  Next time???

Stay posted!!

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  1. Yeah, great race, amazing experience. Hardwood 8hr Epic lived up to it's reputation, strong riders - competitive race.
    Way to go Riot and Fig, holding 2nd place for the 8hr series. Podium is yours to lose ;-)