Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Friday, 17 January 2014

Noob Iken Winter Training???

So as you may remember from previous couple of posts, I have run into a couple of problems with breaking parts on the Epic...the cassette, then breaking the rim, then breaking the axle of the replacement wheel...

Well since then, the shock was not acting it was sent to get work done (basically just needed regular servicing) ... my LBS BicycleWorks giving me a replacement loner shock to use in the meantime.  Then, while out on a winter trailride with Giant, NewfieSteve, and EnglishJim...I noticed that the fork suspension was not functioning properly...thought it might be frozen, but that wasn't it either.  Took it into first they thought that it too was due for servicing...but when taking it off to send it for service...BicycleWorks Paul noticed that the carbon crown was off it went for (hopefully) warranty replacement... I am without a ride until parts are repaired?  No...BicycleWorks Paul 'generously' has lent me the store demo...a carbon Camber 29...which I have had my eye on for a while (Paul knows this...hence the quotation marks above...).  The Camber is awesome for a winter bike, for a training bike, and more suited for our local (rocky, rooty, technical) trails with it's slacker angles, shorter cockpit, and a little more travel; but still quick and light.  So, yes I will likely end up buying it just for those purposes...and let the Epic run primarily for racing.

This is actually what the Camber looks like...

How about that...a pic with no animal and witty (stupid?) slogan... far as training goes, still in the Base Phase of training...but soon to get into more intense Build and Peak training, which I am really looking forward to!!  For now I am getting some good winter riding in...and some Sufferfest on the trainer when weather is not conducive to riding.

Even managing winter road rides on the CX bike!  It's a little scary and pavement can be a little more worrisome than ice and trails...

Actually the scariest part of the last winter road ride (was a group of 6 of us)...was Unglued (who is a lawyer) walking up my icy driveway in his mountain bike shoes...(lawyers and icy driveways are not a good mix!)....actually, lawyers and (place anything here) are not a good mix, are they??

Actually, this is Unglued on the ride...really it can tell by the lawyery snarl...

Hopefully he doesn't sue me for posting his pic...

Maybe he will be lenient if I post two???

Even caught him smiling!

Notice Fig in that pic (goggles...facemask to protect his identity)?  I have to give Fig kudos for making this ride...he is post surgery and still in significant pain.

Who else was on this ride?

CptSydor and VVagabond

Notice how they are always together?...Which makes sense since they are....

Although Sydor is always trying to capture the spotlight...

Is that pic like this pic???

Maybe not...

Anyways...who else was on that ride??

Also on the ride was Jeff S....but he is way too fast for the camera to catch him!!  (Besides...he was holding it...the camera I mean)

Anyways...back to work...back to training...or at least to get those oopsies out of the you know what those are???

Till next time...stay posted!




  1. I'm dressed like a ninja. My fall was ninja-like, too; down into a plank position, one hand and foot on the ground, the other two riding the bike like the skeleton. Nothing but my limbs hit the ground (thankfully, not even my surgery "area").

    1. Hey, I forgot to mention the icy wipeouts! There were a couple of them on that ride...but I missed seeing all of them!