Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Something About Nothing

So no races, no real epic rides, so time to drag out a few mundane 'nothings' to post about.  Maybe I should have had this guy write this post.




So what am I doing this time of year (mtb related)?  Well, if you have been following my posts, (or if you look back on them), you will know that I follow the Joe Friel method of training.  So over the last month I have been recovering from injury (currently at about 90%), and taking a break from structured workouts (Friel calls this the Transition period of training), and reviewing my MTB strengths and weaknesses to prepare for the upcoming year.  For this I rely on the highly technical SWOT analysis... 

- Flexible work schedule (sort of)
- Knowledge (B.Ed. Kinesiology), to develop a structured training plan and to understand the science of proper nutrition
- Cycling endurance base 

- technical MTB skills
- No power metre
- Weight (currently 195lbs...yeah I'm a bit of a fattie right now); plan is to be below 185 lbs for race season.

- Other than a power metre I have all of the resources I need
- Reduce B, C races; increase training time 

- Changing work schedule
- Fatigue/burnout (In case you missed it....I'm old, eh.)
- Very strong competition 

So knowing this helps me set next years goals and leads into what Friel calls the Prep period of training. 

The Prep period marks getting ready for the start of the new season; about 6 - 7 months before the first A-priority race (that would be the P2A - Paris to Ancaster in April).  The Prep period still involves minimal structure, including mostly low intensity training (for me this means about 3 'easy' rides in every 9 day cycle, at least 1 HITT training day, and at least 1 longer endurance ride at Threshold or higher). 

The Prep period also includes cross training.  For me this includes the occasional ice hockey game (although, after 44 years of playing/practicing hockey 3 - 5 times a week I am REALLY scaling my hockey back this year).  It also includes gym-based strength work...weight work-outs 3 - 4 per 9 day cycle. 

So, in case you didn't know...weight workouts are somewhat controversial in the cycling world...even MTB.  However, for me, the extra strength helps manoeuvre the bike, climb, endure the beating of endurance MTB events, and maintain through the catabolic nature of endurance racing and training.  Plus I like it...kinda like cookies...I like cookies...



As far as objectives for next year...the main one is to do Personal Bests in all of the races I enter.  Other more detailed objectives, I am still working on.  (Did that sentence sound a little like Yoda, or is that just me??) 

Also, Fig wants to tag team the three 8 Hour MTB races, and the 24 Hour Summer Solstice next year.

Speaking of tag team Lois has gone off to Montreal with a friend this weekend to see BonJovi.  
She was also off to Toronto last weekend with another friend to see BonJovi and was lucky enough to get this pic of them with Jon... a little off topic....again.  I have more 'nothings' to write about...but have run out of time to write next time... 

Stay posted!

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