Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Friday, 15 March 2013

My Mom, Training, Racing

Well, several readers of this blog (if one = several; and that one was my mom)...just kidding it wasn’t my mom does not even own a computer.  Remember, I will be 50 years old this year, so that means my mom is really up there, and she has never really embraced the computer ‘generation’.  So, now you say, “50 years old!!  But you write like a juvenile!?”  Well now you sound like my wife, Lois; just the other day she accused me of acting like a big kid...of course, I was sitting in the fort I made in the kitchen with blankets and dining room table chairs.
Actually there is an advantage to turning 50 this year.  It puts me at the young end of the next age category for racing; age 50 – I won’t be directly competing against racers 10 years younger than me this year!  Actually, as a competitive person (jerk?), I race against anyone and everyone who is out on the race course; especially my friends who think I am competitive (or just a jerk). 
Anyways...REALLY getting off topic right from the start!  Back to the, I am sure that someone somewhere thought about requesting an update on my training and here it is.
As long as weather and trail conditions allow I have been on the trails 5 days per week.  I have been running studded tires for most of the winter, but they just came off last week making the bike feel 10lbs lighter!!  However there are still icy sections which make for some interesting bails...(more on this later...thanks to Fig and his always present video).  Actually managed a couple of road rides over the last two weekends!!  It feels good to get the Venge out!!  (Venge = my roadbike)  It just feels so fricken fast!!
When weather hasn’t allowed getting out, I have been on the trainer...usually to a Sufferfest video...the best trainer accompaniment anywhere!!  Makes riding the trainer bearable...almost a suffering kinda way!
Saddle time has included the full range of workouts.  From recovery/fat burning, to endurance work, intervals, power/strength/ determined by my coach (so far that would be me).
Nutrition has been focussing on cutting to get rid of the winter weight.  I was up to over 200 lbs, currently weighing in at 191 with the goal to be at 185 by May when the ‘A’ races I am shooting for begin.
The first test of early season fitness will be next weekend March 24th at the Steaming Nostril race out of Elmira.  Eager to see how good or bad of shape I am in and gear future training on the determination.

So I mentioned Fig and his trusty video camera.  Fig always rides towards the back of the pack...or at least directly behind me so he can get that shot of you crashing, then display it somewhere on the net for the world to see...yeah, Fig is just a darn nice guy like that.  When he is in a real jolly mood he will make a repeating gif of it even.  Yeah this is me, washing out my front tire on an innocent looking piece of trail, and landing on my face.

Thanks Fig.  Actually Fig is rather fair about it...he also displays when karma comes back to bite him, as shown in this short vid he had a couple of nasty ones (and one where he just runs into a lonely tree???)...during a ride this week...of course he had to include one of me doing a slow speed endo...did I mention he is nice like that?

Actually I now have a when I learn how to use it I hope to get some worthy video/pics.

My 2013 race licence is ordered but not yet received.  Maybe it’s because when they asked me to send them a passport style pic of myself to go on the licence I sent them this...

You ever notice how cats always look like they would kill you without conscience if they could?



OK...enough of the gratuitious cat pics...maybe something a little more reverent??
The good old Catholic Church chose a new pope this week...the Canadian didn’t win...

Anyways, sorry, back somewhere on topic; my friend Paul (owner of BicycleWorks) went to Sedona a couple of weeks ago for a winter Mountain Bike vacation.  He had a great time, and was nice enough to think of me while he was there and brought me back this...


Hmmm, nothing racist there??  J

On a somewhat related note, Lois went to Vegas for a week (it was my Christmas gift to her...I detest Vegas; she loves it so she took our son Chris, and they had a great time!).  She chose not to get me this shirt....


Only because she didn’t catch on...Chris had to explain it ...   J
Anyways before I get myself in (more) trouble, and wander even farther off to call it here.  Next blog likely to be the Steaming Nostril race report.
Stay posted!!


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