Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Monday, 7 January 2013

Snowy Mountain Biking – Riot’s Birthday Ride

So we all survived the holidays!  Christmas and New Years in the bag for another year...or until the next end of the world.  I managed to get in a road ride with Fig on Christmas day...yes, a road ride on Christmas in Canada...whoulda thunk?  Which is why it is worthy of mentioning.  I half expected to see this guy but it didn’t happen.

Fig thought he saw Santa’s helper...


But I think he just had too much Rum ‘n Eggnog in his water bottle.
Then after Christmas, the snow hit...and the road bike is set aside.  Hence, it has been a week of snow rides.  Not a lot of speed, but awesome workouts with heavy snow tires slogging through the snow.
Nothing too exciting to report from these rides...except maybe NewfieSteve crashing his bike in my driveway...landing his bike on the hood of Fig’s car (Seriously!  And yes, did ding the hood of the car).  Fig did offer NewfieSteve a spongebath to help aid his recovery...don’t know where that went from there.
For me the most memorable ride of the holidays was Riot’s Birthday Ride.   This day began with me waking up at 4:00am to this...



OK that’s not exactly true, but that is what was on my mind immediately before waking up.  In all seriousness, I did get up at 4:00am but it was to Lois’ snoring.  Lois’ snoring is the only complaint I have about our sex life.
Anyways...I did get up at 4:00am but it was to watch our Canadian Junior hockey team.


However the Juniors blew the tournament, finishing without even a medal of any colour.  Disappointment. 


After the game, I was looking forward to the snowy ride.  At 9:00am 5 of us took off to the snowy trails (Me, Fig, Rich, Paul, NewfieSteve).  Sorry, it was a great ride, great workout, but no one crashed, fell, made peace with their maker, or even bonked (and Fig always bonks!). 
We did, however, finish the ride back at my house for Riot’s chilli...


...and recovery beverages.
Here is the group...

Even Max got in on the action

Then Lois pulled this out as a surprise...





What??  Were you expecting something else??

As the day wore on, different friends came and went...



With the last couple leaving at about 11pm.  After the early start, and the snowy workout, I was spent, done, fini...and I hit the hay.



Ooops, sorry, wrong pic.  That one came from Lois’ camera.  Hmmm?

This is more my style...


Anyways, now the holidays are done, and I am about 400lbs overweight, it is time to get back to the training nutrition plan, and workout schedule.  I would like to get down to 185 lbs as racing weight...but it will take dedication and work.


First real race is not until I do have time.

Stay posted!!

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  1. Happy birthday to my Superman! You are awesome and it looked like a perfect day!! Keep on inspiring us Riot... you rock!